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Youth Group

Each Sunday night our youth gather to spend time together in Bible Study, relationship building and encouraging each other in developing Christ-like character for years to come.

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Fight Night

Following the Sunday night study and fellowship, all youth are encouraged to come and take part in a time of physical activity, deemed “Fight Night”. They are sure to have a blast!

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FBC Youth

Mission Statement


Youth, Faith Baptist Church

Faith Baptist Youth Group is dedicated to the discipleship of teens from 7th grade to 12th grade. At Faith Baptist Church we try to create an environment that is fun, spiritually stimulating and most of all, spiritually challenging to our kids. We strive to create a place centered around fun and fellowship but will not sacrifice the sharing of truthful scripture to merely increase the number of students that attend. In Youth Group we challenge students to improve their Christian walk by constantly reminding them that Christ is the standard by which we are to judge ourselves, and if we truly love him as most Christians claim they do, then the fruits of the spirit will be evident in our lives. We try to encourage the students to realize that although there is nothing they can do to lose their salvation, one must examine themselves daily in an effort to determine if they in fact are saved. We are fun loving people, who strongly believe that God has a sense of humor and that honesty between brothers and sisters in Christ is one of the four cornerstones of a church built for God.

Our Regular and Seasonal Events

Fight Night:

Following Youth Group on Sunday nights our young men are encouraged to stay and take part in a time of physical fitness and training, we call it “Fight Night”. This consists of a calisthenic workout, a bit of free weights and some time spent sparring on a wrestling mat. Not for every student but certainly a fun time for those interested!

Sunday School:

9:30-10:45 AM, 6th, 7th and 8th meet upstairs in the third floor office and 9th – 12th graders meet downstairs in the back of the children’s department.

Sunday Night Youth Group:

6:00-8:00 PM in Hall 2/Fellowship Hall: Most of the time there is 30 to 45 minutes given for just hanging out and fellowship, followed by a group game and then a lesson is shared from 7:00-8:00 PM.

Youth Encountering Christ (YEC):

An annual weekend retreat in which youth groups from all over New England stay at the Sturbridge Host Hotel in Sturbridge, MA. It is a weekend filled with fun activities and serious spiritual growth.

Crosswalk (CW):

An annual summer camp which youth groups from all over New England attend. Students stay on Gordon College campus in Wenham, MA. The week is filled with Bible Studies, Recreational Activities, Sports and Arts, Free Time, and an Inspirational Speaker who shares a message specifically directed toward youth every night.

Seasonal Lock-ins:

Lock-ins are all night events which most of the time take place at the Church. At these events students come to the church after dinner partake in many team activities, have large amounts of free time, an inspirational and challenging message is shared in creative ways, and students are able to play video games, card games, ping pong, foosball, air hockey, or active games like sardines, man hunt, or hide and seek, till the wee hours of the next morning.

Ministries and Serving Opportunities


Youth, Faith Baptist Church

Compassion Child: “Willy” is our nick name for Wilemsky MeCharles. We are his financial and spiritual sponsors through Compassion International. Willy is from Haiti where working and living conditions are far from what is realized here in the U.S. His parent’s income is too low to provide him with everything he needs. That’s where our monthly support of $38.00 helps with his meals, clothing and schooling, please remember Willy in your prayers and don’t forget to support him through your monetary gifts.

Laundry Love: We love to have fun but we all see the importance of serving our local community in need. Laundry Love is a national mission to help those who don’t have the ability to wash and dry their clothes at home. Laundromats make clean clothes a possibility for these people but the cost of using them can be very expensive. Once a month our youth go to a local Laundromat and not only help pay for peoples laundry to be done but build relationships by talking with and helping those who come in. This is always a great time of serving.

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